Library Visioning Consultation and Co-CreationTuesday, March 5, 2013 (9:30 - 2:30) - The Fine Arts Centre, Olds High School

Essential Question:What does a quality learning environment look like in a contemporary library, and how does this serve tomorrow's learner?
Agenda, Assignments and Resources Twitter hashtag - #cesdlib
9:00 - 9:30
Arrive and locate pre-assigned table groups
9:30 - 9:45
Welcome, Introductions, and Meeting Your Table Group
9:45 - 10:50 (Activity One)
Inform and deepen our understanding of the Learning Commons Concept
  • Presentations and video - Learning Commons
  • Table Talk - Where do you see your school library right now?
  • Assignment: As a table group, using the QLE, The Framework for Student Learning, and various definitions and articles, answer the following question: What are the key elements to a Learning Commons that will support current and future learners the best, whether at elementary, middle, or senior high? Come up with 5 key words or phrases that sum up your table's answer.
  • Use Chatzy to share your 5 key words or phrases with the rest of the room.

10:50 - 11:00
Break / Check out Chatzy responses
11:00 - 12:00
Challenges and Opportunities with Library Transformation
  • Table Talk - One Challenge, Many Solutions: As a table group, select a challenge to moving forward, that you think you could impact. Brainstorm and discuss possible solutions. Record your solutions in Google Drive to be shared with the room. Please be complete by 11:15.

Technology That Fosters Literacy, Personalized Inquiry and Collaborative Learning
  • Speed Geeking - Table groups will rotate through the four stations
  1. Work Collaboration Tools - start with tables 1-3
  2. On-Line Reference / Research - start with tables 4-6
  3. E-Books - start with tables 7-9
  4. Social Media - start with tables 10-12

  • Table Talk - return to original tables for a quick debrief on what struck you the most with technology and learning. Please be completed by 12:00.

12:00 - 12:45
Lunch and Learning Metaphor
12:45 - 1:15 (Activity Two)
Challenges and Opportunities... continued

Student Inquiry: What happens when we give students some ownership of their learning?
  • Table Activity: Choose one of the questions or one of your own for some further inquiry. Use the articles available to you on the wiki to find two or three quotes that speak to the question you have selected.
  • Post the quotes on Google Drive for sharing. Please be completed by 1:15.


  1. What benefits and opportunities does this provide to our students?
  2. How does this change teaching?
  3. Who owns the learning?
  4. How does this speak to student engagement and authentic learning?
  5. Will this approach adequately cover curricular outcomes?

1:15 - 2:15
Co-create a vision with your table group / Cross-pollinating

What is a vision statement and what does it do? Presentation on the visioning process and exemplars.

  • Table Activity: In your group, discuss words and phrases that reflect and highlight your image of the future of libraries.
  • Consider:
  1. What does a quality learning environment look like in a contemporary library, and how does this serve tomorrow's learner?
  2. CESD overall mission and vision
  3. The Learning Commons concept
  4. Competencies for a 21st Century Learner
  5. CESD's Quality Learning Environment

  • Use poster paper to share your 5 key words and phrases that speak to a vision for libraries and tomorrow's learner. Please be completed by 2:00.
  • Two Forward and One Back: Send emissaries to the table in front of you and the table behind you. Discuss and share the work of the groups for about 10 minutes, and then return to your table.
  • Using Google Drive, report your 5 key words and phrases to Google Drive.

2:15 - 2:30
Next Steps

What happens now? How will the vision come to life? The challenge to be a champion of library transformation.

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